Hi! I'm Larkyn, and I write this blog. Too often, I think many of us feel alone in our "humanness." We feel like we are the only ones who have the confusing emotions we have, and who have feelings we believe we shouldn't have. We feel mortified by the mistakes we make, and by the 5,000 ways we can, and do embarrass ourselves during our days on this planet.

I want y'all out there to feel less alone in all this crap we deal with while living life, so I am using this blog to share open, honest, and even embarrassing things about myself. If my words make one person feel less alone, less stupid, less cringey-then, I am happy.

The truth is we all have all kinds of feelings, do all sorts of stupid things, and are vulnerable and imperfect. Instead of hiding these things about myself, I'm putting them out there for your entertainment, and maybe sometimes, if I'm lucky, they will make you reflect on life.

I'm also including some funny and satirical writing, because I enjoy being ridiculous. You can click the "
Books & Publishing" link to learn about my first novel & my publishing company, Simony Says Publishing & Media.

I hope to hear from you, and I hope you find some things you can identify with in these pages.​

Below are some photos of me so you know who you're dealing with!